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Literary Translation

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Literary Translation

Being drastically different from other types of translations by nature, literary translation is studied as a different field. Literary translation, considered as being harder than technical translation, can be divided into sub classes such as prose, drama, poetry and short story. Each having their own style these translation types are important part of the translation profession.
For example while working on a novel translators should never limit themselves with that text but should also get themselves familiar with factors as other novels of the author, author’s style, conditions of the time and region where it has been written etc. Otherwise translators could not fully understand the novel and may make deficient or even wrong translation.
In drama’s case translators should take into consideration the performability of lines in the play. Many issues like naturality of the translated line in the target language or whether its timing and structure is in compatible with the stage directions should not be overlooked.
Hence literary translation should only be performed by translator who worked for a long time in this field and who improved themselves in this manner. Being aware of this fact, Prime Tercume ensures that your translation works in literary field should be done by the right person.



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