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The Status of Translator in Society

The Status of Translator in Society

The translation is the transmission of the meaning of a source language text with an equivalent target language text. This definition is from one of the most visited websites on the Internet. This definition has simplified translation and created a perception of work that is far from art and science. However, translation is sometimes the art of words and semantics, sometimes it is linguistics. This enables the translators to be included in the status of both scientists and artists.

People cannot live without language, the most important way to communicate. However, it is obvious that language-based professions and studies have often remained in the background. This situation can be caused by using the mother tongue unconsciously from very young ages. Language and communication are the building blocks of culture and society. Translation keeps these stones up and strengthens them. Translation cannot be separated from the language and translation is doomed to stand by it in the background. Thus, the status of the translator in the society is pushed behind as professional status.

Not every person with ten fingers can play the piano, and not everyone who speaks two languages ​​will be able to translate. As in all fields, translation requires education and practice, and theories taught in translation education are strategies that are used in practice unconsciously. Therefore, the training of the translator is extremely important and necessary. An educated translator has full knowledge of society and culture; must be open and curious to learn, read, and research. These translators are aware of the fact that translation is a teacher and they see that their work contributes to many people and professional groups. For example, medical and technical translations accelerate the development of research and projects in these fields. Since the documents that are not translated will reach the less and insufficient amount of people, development and progress in many areas of the world need a translation. Therefore; the translator has a crucial role in the development of countries, societies, and civilization.

Today, being a translator is often perceived as a simple task that everyone can do in society. However, the knowledge in many fields and the devoted work of the translator deserve value and appreciation. To broaden the perspective of the community about this area and to bring value that translation deserves in, is one of the most important tasks of translators. The translation is a teacher that educates everyone, including the translator. The important thing is to pay this prestigious profession deservedly.







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