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Prime Translation Services, which offers services to the governmental, private, domestic and foreign institutions, has been established in 2012 by Ahmet Emre ÇELİKEL, graduated from Bilkent University, English - French Translation- Interpretation Department. The company can offer translation - interpretation services in more than 50+ languages to all over the world thanks to the team members who are experts at their fields and project managament tools with cutting edge technology.


We offer these services to our distinguished clients.

Subtitle Translation

We translate the content of the work by transferring the meaning to other culture.


We transcribe the records of presentations, conferences, statements, news releases into any language our clients wish.

Desktop Publishing

We make all types of documents ready to edition.

Proofreading & Editing

We proofread, edit and correct the translated documents in terms of grammer and meaning.


We offer interpretation services all around the world with our expert interpreters.

Tele/Video Conference

Speed is the reality of today! We give interpretation services at Tele / Video Conferences.

Written Translation

We give written translation services for all kinds of needs of both individuals and corporations.

Sworn Translation

Some documents must be translated by certified translators. We give this service by our expert team members.


We transfer and adapt the meaning to the people’s culture who uses the target language.


Some languages that we translate are listed below. Apart from these, we also have translation services in Azerbaijani, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Armenian, Persian, Finnish, Flemish, Korean, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Greek etc. languages. Please contact us to learn the languages we translate.

German Translation

In particular, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the large part of Switzerland, the southern part of Italy, the eastern cantons of Belgium, some parts of Poland and Romania, and the Alsas-Loren region of France are the places that people speak German.

Spanish Translation

Spanish is a Romanian language. Its origins come from the Castilian region of Spain. Nearly 480 million people speak Spanish as their mother tongue and it is the second most spoken language in the world.

Arabic Translation

Arabic is a language of the family of Semitic languages. The Holy Book of Islam, Koran, is in Arabic. Arabic is spoken in 60 countries. It is also one of the six official languages adopted by the United Nations.

Dutch Translation

Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands. Dutch is used in colonies outside the Netherlands. In the largest Dutch colony in history, Indonesia, continues its prevalence and has a great influence on local languages.

Japanese Translation

Japanese  is a language spoken by over 128 million people in Japan and Japanese immigrant communities. The Japanese economy is growing day by day and is very open to migration.

English Translation

English is the mother tongue of most residents of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the United States, and more. It is used as a second language and official language in the world, especially by the Commonwealth countries and organizations.

Chinese Translation

Chinese is the name given to all of the thousands of small languages spoken by more than a billion people living in and around China, and if they are considered as a single language, they are the most widely spoken language in the world.

French Translation

French is the language spoken in the former French colony of France and the French civilization, from the subunit of the Indo-European family of languages to the subunit of the Romanian family of languages.

Russian Translation

Russian, one of the Slavic languages, is a widely spoken language in Eurasia.
Russian enters the Eastern Slavic sub-group of Slavic languages with Belarussian and Ukrainian. Russian, a political language in the 21st century.

Turkish Translation

Turkish is a language that is spoken from the Balkans in the West to the Caspian Sea in the East. It constitutes the continuation of the Ottoman Turkish from the Oguz language group of the Turkic languages family.


We provide translation services in the following areas.

Academic Translation

The academic translation is required in the academic field in short in high schools and universities (bachelor, master, doctorate, etc.) students are required to do research, thesis, graduation thesis or special interest translations.

Literature Translation

Being drastically different from other types of translations by nature, literary translation is studied as a different field.

Financial Translation

Like other fields of translation, financial translation has its own unique terminology.

Legal Translation

Legal translation is an interpretation service offered for translation of legal texts, documents or articles.

Medical Translation

Medical translation means the translation of all documents that are covered by the medical and health fields.

Logistic Translation

In the field of transportation, which is improving with increasing population and advanced technology, translation services are required frequently.

Technical Translation

It is the name given to translations requiring technical or engineering expertise.

Technical Equipment for interpretation services

We provide technical equipment to your organizations where simultaneous and consecutive translation services are provided.


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İstanbul Hilton Bomonti Umrek Crirsco Üyelik Lansman Programı
İstanbul Hilton Bomonti Umrek Crirsco Üyelik Lansman Programı
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