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French Translation

Fransızca Tercüme

French Translation

French is the language spoken in the former French colony of France and the French civilization, from the subunit of the Indo-European family of languages to the subunit of the Romanian family of languages.
Approximately 200 million people in the world speak French. While 128 million people speak French as their native or second language, it are also known and spoken by 72 million people in 54 countries. In Europe, apart from France and Monaco, it is the official language in different parts of the world, including the continent of Africa and the Americas, and certain parts of Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxembourg.
French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Catalan and Romanian are sequel languages of the Roman Empire’s language, Latin.
French is the official language in 29 countries. It is the official language in all the sub-institutions and most of the international organizations of the United Nations.
According to the European Union data, 129 million people in 27 member states speak French and 65 million of them speak as of their native language and 69 of them speak as of their second language. According to this data, the French is the 3. most frequently spoken language after English and German.

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