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Profession of translation in Turkey

Profession of translation in Turkey

Standards for profession of translation in Turkey

While translation activities have been performed in Turkey since the foundation of the Republic, increasing international relations and commercial communications have created a need for translation profession. Within this aim bachelor degree translation education has been provided by universities in the departments of “translation and interpretation” or “translation and interpreting studies” since 1993. However professionalisation process has not reached an end yet.

Therefore in 2012 Vocational Qualifications Institution had initiated works to define standards for profession of translation and on January 2013 Translator (Level 6) Profession Standard was published at the end of the efforts of a committee consisting of academicians from universities having translation related departments and delegates of various translation associations, agencies and institutions.

In the first of two main headings of the standard an introduction of profession has been provided:

Description of profession: “Translator (Level 6) is the qualified person who performs organisation of work and preparation activities within the scope of relevant legislation and/or contract, HSE precautions, quality standards and service procedures; conducts interpretation, translation of documents and/or sign languages and ensures individual vocational development.”

Standing of profession in international classification system: ISCO 08 : 2643 (Translators, Interpreters and other linguistic scientists)

Work environment and conditions: A translator (or interpretor) could work in three different ways; in company offering translation service, in state institutions and organisations or individually.  Working environments are either places like offices, bureaus etc. supplied by the company, institution and organisation or created by the translators themselves. In the standard it is specified how these working environments should be and which materials and equipments should be provided.

Additionally in the first part regulations regarding health, security and environment and other legislations related to the profession are also mentioned.

In the second part of the standard a profile of profession has been formed.

Duties, operations and performance index:

  1. Taking HSE and environmental protection precautions
  2. Following methods of safe working and personal security
  3. Risk assessment
  4. Applying emergency procedures
  5. Implementing standards and methods of environmental protection
  6. Organizing the work
    1. Carrying out advertising activity
    2. Forming translation request
    3. Preparing translation offer
    4. Drawing up a translation agreement
    5. Providing source text and auxiliary equipment
    6. Planing the work
    7. Performing archive operations
    8. Taking measures to ensure credibility of information during translation process
    9. Conducting financial procedures
    10. Maintaining translation memory
  7. Making preparations before translation
    1. Analyzing the source text
    2. Doing research
    3. Determining the translation strategy
    4. Preparing working environment and conditions
  8. Interpretation
    1. Consecutive interpretation
    2. Simultaneous interpretation
  9. Translation
    1. Specialized field translation
    2. Literary translation
    3. Multimedia translation
    4. Localizing
  10. Conducting quality activities related to translation service
    1. Managing relationships with individuals and organizations who demand service
    2. Tracking translation business processes
  11. Performing professional development activities
    1. To develop individual professional development
    2. Contributing to vocational training

In addition to these, the second part includes tools, instruments and equipments used by a translator, attitudes and behaviors that the translator should demonstrate with the knowledge and skills that the translator should possess.



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